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Where's the auto-delete?

the whole slip shod shebang
5 February

Friending policy: Ok, I tried to friend everyone back but it got a little cumbersome. I will friend back people who comment in my journal now. I don't defriend unless someone gives me a reason to, and, honestly, that takes a lot.

Now I need to amend this because I'm having a little up-surge in new people stumbling on my journal--I swear I'm not picking on you by not friending you back. I'm flattered you want to see my crappy food photos and pictures of my dog in a tiara! I've just gotten to a place where I only friend people who comment in my journal regularly (or who are Tom Hardy). It's not personal, it's me not you, don't be like that, baby.

Statement of general opinion on wankery:

haters = lamecore and will be paperclipped to death in the special
circle of hell reserved for fandom-wanking ~Our Lady of the Old Skool Hardcore

Hi. You're probably here because of my fanfiction. I don't do a very good job of tagging it or memorying it, sorry about that. I'm really forgetful and it often doesn't occur to me. Right now I am kind of fandom free-floating. What you get depends on the weather, if I'm craving spicy food, or what crack spewings my friends dump on me. Vampires are always a possiblity, though.

My friend you don't know on FOB: "wtf is the deal with this band????? they make cool people do stupid things."

So very true.


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